Friday, March 14, 2008

My First SCMS

Several other folks have already described and analyzed this year's SCMS conference in detail, so I don't want to be repeat such analysis here. However, this year's conference in Philadelphia marked the first time my paper proposal was accepted (through open call, no less) and I found the experience both daunting and exhilarating at the same time. I say daunting as I was a bit overwhelmed to be surrounded by folks with light years more experience at this still-new-to-me academic game, profs with book deals and tenure and other 'flashy" credentials.  My wallflower tendencies kicked in at inopportune times (I should have cornered Janet Staiger  in the book room to remind her of the panel we were on  together three years ago), so next time I hope I can be more of the extrovert that everyone insists I am (that's another story altogether).Still, it was exciting to attend panels on cinephilia, documentary, and Hollywood and the internet and hear some academic rock stars like Giuliana Bruno, Jane Gaines, and Julia Lesage speak.  And I was also very happy and thankful to see my twitter/facebook/blogger pals Chuck and Mike at my American Independent Cinema panel, where I talked about Mumblecore (if you don't know what that is, go here) and Cinephilia. In general I experienced a kid-in-a-candy- store feeling, and I'm now inspired to continue work on my various independent cinema projects when I 'm not working on coursework requirements. Hopefully, this will include creating a post for In Media Res on the subject, as Mumblecore (or at least the filmmakers so defined) continues to produce interesting films, regardless of  its dubious categorization as a Movement